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For Enquiry Call Us:
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1. Alokik Shakti Tab (80 tab) :

First tablet must be taken between breakfast and lunch approx 11am to 12pm. 
Second tablet must be taken between lunch & dinner from 4pm to 5pm.
Note : Do not eat anything, 1 hour before & 1 hour after taking the medicine.

2. Divya Shakti Powder :

It must be consumed half hour before going to bed 1/2 teaspoon with luke warm water.

3. Param Shudhi :

Param Shudhi tablet should be taken 6 days after using divya kit. It has 6 tab (3yellow & 3black). There Should be a gap of 6 days between each dose. 
For example: On 7th day of medication take 1 black tablet with normal water at 3am in the morning. 
Note: It is taken at 3am because at this time the bad bacteria's are active and it is the right time to remove them from our body. 
How Param Shudhi Works: 
1. After taking Param Shudhi, sit for atleast 5 minutes. 
2. You must lie on left side. 
3. The patient feels the motion effect after 1/2 or 1 hour. 
4. It shows that the detoxification process has been started. 
5. You must drink 1 glass of water before going to pass stool, each time the pressure generates. 
6. To stop the motion / pressure after detoxification, drink hot water just like tea or you can have mixture of curd and isabgul (4-5 spoon).

4. Aahar Gyan (Diet Plan) :

It helps you to maintain healthy diet & lifestyle.

5. Urja Vigyan Pustika :

It helps to know your aura & chakras and how to balance the chakras & aura's.

6. Divya Sadhna DVD :

It includes yoga and meditation procedure to maintain the body physically and mentally fit.